C12 Chair since 2020

Territory Served

Looking back, it’s clear that God has been preparing Kyle for C12 since the very beginning. His first job during college was at Digital Equipment Corporation, founded by Ken Olsen – a Christian. He was then at Raytheon, led at the time by Tom Phillips – Christian. And so it has gone, with believers either leading the company or bringing him in. God also led him to roles in almost every function, giving him the breadth of experience necessary to be an effective C12 chair.

Most of Kyle’s career has been in high-tech sales leadership starting at Check Point Software, with additional work in leadership, operations, marketing, communication, organizational health, and management consulting. While much of his work has been with Fortune 500 companies, Kyle has had extensive experience serving SMB firms. At Gartner, Kyle worked with high-tech CEOs to help run their business more effectively, leveraging advisory and consulting for all C-suite roles.

Kyle’s most recent endeavors have been more entrepreneurial in nature–including starting an internet marketing firm and developing a consulting company working in organizational health. In addition to his work with C12, Kyle currently serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of his church and as Vice President of Finance for the Greater Boston Chapter of the Association for Talent Development. Kyle enjoys many outdoor activities, including downhill & water skiing, hiking & biking, running & lifting, and has been known to hit white balls with a metal stick. Kyle has a passion for apologetics, listening to music, and reading the occasional book.

His bride of 25+ years is Leslie and they have college-age children. As a Chair with the Center of New England practice, Kyle serves leaders from New Hampshire & Massachusetts.