Join other CEOs and business leaders in the Center of New England who are building great businesses for a greater purpose.

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It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know leaders limit their potential when they lead from isolation. But, when surrounded by trusted advisors with a common goal and a biblical worldview, they can maximize performance and energize cultures. With faith as the foundation, this powerful group of peers meet in an exclusive, confidential forums around the Boston and Rhode Island areas to have their questions answered and their answers questioned.


Business Forum Leaders in the Center of New England Area


Rick was called to his role as a C12 Chair in Southern New England, in 2009, following his extensive experience…

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Rick was called to his role as a C12 Chair in Southern New England, in 2009, following his extensive experience in both business and church leadership, for over 20 years. Rick served as President and principal owner of Source Packaging New England and Source Technology Group for 19 years. Source developed strong relationships while providing specialty packaging design and development to the Pharmaceutical industry. Rick and his wife Kelly developed a heart for peacemaking and have become trained facilitators through the teachings of Peacemaker Ministries. Those close to Rick have affirmed that it is the combination of his interpersonal gifts, his business management, church leadership and Peacemaking experience that has lead him to be the first Seal on the beach for C12 in the New England region. Rick’s Mission Statement: To use my gifts, resources and abilities to serve and come alongside those that God has chosen to run His businesses in Southern New England.


“When I found C12, I knew that I was among leaders who would join me in a commitment to demonstrate that we are indeed managing God’s businesses for Him. Our fight for excellence unites us in ways that transcend the diversity of industries we represent. We apply the ideas differently in each company, but as C12 members, we are united in principles of excellence.”

Cassandra Laymon | President, Beacon Wealth Consultants

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