C12 Chair


Paul Lechner’s 30+ years as an entrepreneur, business owner, and business development executive spans two distinct industries: building materials and technology (, ranging from start-ups to $160 million mid-size companies. In his early 30s, Paul lost his wife to divorce and an $11 million company he founded due to being a “lukewarm” Christian. As a result, he was spiritually, morally, and financially bankrupt—completely broken.  God then used two life-shaping events to change the course of Paul’s life. First, he met Michael Tremain, a man of God who understood the importance of Biblical Lordship in business.  Michael discipled Paul and modeled Lordship by praying before appointments, accepting calls from his wife during meetings, and turning to scripture when faced with difficult decisions. Second, Paul discovered he had a son Josh.  Josh was 15 at the time.  God spoke to Paul, letting him know that it is never too late to build a relationship, personally and professionally. These events marked Paul’s life as a businessman and father, allowing him to connect more deeply with people.  Paul attends Lake Mary Church, where he leads the connect team, hosts a men’s life group, and is a table leader for Foundations and Equip. Nearly 20 years had passed since Michael discipled Paul.  Sensing God was calling him to something more meaningful, Paul contacted Michael for counsel.  It was then that Michael suggested C12 Business Forums.  Michael was a C12 member and recommended that Paul look into becoming a chair.  After a time of prayer and discernment, Paul affirmed God’s calling to become a C12 chair. Paul is thankful for the opportunity to use his spiritual gifts of vision, leadership, and connecting to change the world by advancing the Gospel in the marketplace as a chair in C12’s Central Florida region.

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