C12 Chair since 2021

Territory Served

With over three decades of diverse experience as an entrepreneur and business development executive, I’ve had the privilege of working in two dynamic industries: building materials and technology ( My journey has seen me navigate the realms of start-ups to $160 million mid-sized companies. However, life hasn’t always been a smooth ride for me.

In my early 30s, I found myself facing a challenging time. I went through a divorce, lost my $11 million company, and felt spiritually, morally, and financially bankrupt. During this time, I recognized my lack of commitment to my Christian faith, which impacted my personal and professional life.

Two transformative events led me to a spiritual awakening. First, I met Michael Tremain, a remarkable man whose devotion to God taught me the significance of incorporating Biblical Lordship in business. Under his guidance, I learned to pray before meetings, prioritize my family, and turn to scripture when confronted with tough decisions. The second turning point came when I discovered I had a 15-year-old son, Josh. This revelation reinforced the belief that it’s never too late to cultivate relationships, whether personal or professional.

These experiences allowed me to forge deeper connections with others and rekindle my faith. I became an active member of Lake Mary Church, serving in various roles, including leading the connect team, hosting a men’s life group, and contributing as a table leader for our discipleship programs.

Two decades after meeting Michael, I felt a powerful calling to merge my faith and business acumen. Michael, my mentor and friend, introduced me to C12 Business Forums, a Christian-based organization that empowers CEOs, business owners, and executives to align their faith with their work. As a forum member, he encouraged me to become a chair for the Central Florida region.

Following heartfelt prayer and introspection, I embraced this new calling. Today, I serve as a C12 Chair, using my spiritual gifts of vision, leadership, and connection to make a positive impact by advancing the Gospel in the business world.

As a C12 Chair, my mission is to guide Christian CEOs, business owners, and executives in integrating their faith with their work through forums, coaching, and providing valuable resources. I am passionate about helping them become inspiring ambassadors for Christ and influential members of their communities.