C12 Chair since 2023

Territory Served

Robin sees her role as a C12 Chair as the culmination of her life experiences and God’s calling for her.  Robin was recently given a second chance at life after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor from her brain. Remarkably, the tumor was benign but her recovery was no small feat– it took Robin a year to walk one mile.  Through God’s grace and the tools she uses to inspire transformation in her clients, she experienced miraculous results in her own recovery! Robin’s passion for exceeding expectations has allowed her to help hundreds break through their personal and professional goals.

Robin has nearly a decade of experience championing companies from good to great, while giving leaders a simple yet powerful tools to consistently transcend their goals.  In 2014, Robin became a Certified EOS Implementer leading C-Suite executives and their teams to excellence by helping them build confidence, conquer team issues, gain clarity and deliver real results.  Robin is also an expert in DISC which she finds instrumental in raising emotional intelligence as well as strengthening communication organizationally.  Prior to being an EOS Implementer, Robin was at the helm of her family business for 33 years in Southern California. She took over for her father at the age of 21, managing over 40 employees, with an employee retention record of over 28 years. With big shoes to fill and the company facing adversities, Robin found and implemented the operational tools that doubled the company’s revenue in only 18 months. This experience gave Robin an intuitive understanding of both the employees’ and customers’ needs and catapulted her into the career she has today.