Territory Served

Being a member of C12 for the past 10+ years, Shawn has benefited greatly from the education, accountability, and wise counsel found in the business forums he’s attended. Ranging from healthcare operations to running a small business, Shawn has experience in multiple business settings large and small. He has learned that strategies apply differently to larger organizations with hundreds of employees than they do with lean small businesses with only a few.  Seeing the challenges of implementing faith into the marketplace, Shawn has been called to advance the Kingdom of God by sharing what has personally benefited him both professionally and personally. With a strong passion for discipleship, Shawn believes that a mixture of accountability and encouragement is needed to advance the mission to build great businesses for a greater purpose. Shawn has been an ambassador for C12 in his professional roles and looks forward to sharing his experience with business leaders as they strive not only to implement best practices in business but to also influence those in their charge for Christ.