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CURRENT’21 On-Demand

Get year-round access to dynamic insights and practical takeaways from 24 top Christian CEO’s and Business Owners featured at C12’s Global Marketplace Leader Conference, CURRENT’21.


CURRENT’21 On-Demand Includes

  • Full-length recordings of every plenary and breakout session
  • Session notes
  • Illustrative summaries
  • Downloadable resources and handouts
  • Bonus videos
  • Includes resources, guides, and other bonus content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access free videos within C12 On-Demand?

Many of the videos in our C12 On-Demand library are freely available, including several full-length talks. Just click on the play button to start the video. rnNote: A FREE C12 Account is required to access a small selection of our free videos. As long as you are logged into your C12 Account you will be able to watch the full-length versions of these talks.

How do I get access if I already purchased C12 On-Demand but the site is telling me I don’t have access?

If you are seeing a screen, or message, which indicates that you don’t have access to any On-Demand video please check to see if you are logged into your C12 Account. If you are logged in and you believe there to be an error, please send us an email at so that we can troubleshoot your account.

Can I share On-Demand content with others?

C12 On-Demand access is not intended to be shared with others. We ask that every individual purchase a viewing license/access for themselves. Please do not share your login with others. Doing so can result in your account being locked out.

How do I download the videos?

Unfortunately, we are only able to offer a streaming viewer license at this time.

Does my access expire?

Yes, all of our paid C12 On-Demand licenses expire after a specific time period. Please check your initial receipt or C12 Account Dashboard to confirm your expiration date.

Where can I find my receipt?

A copy of your receipt was sent to the email address associated with your account at the time of purchase. A copy can also be found within your C12 Account Dashboard.

Do you offer group discounts?

We do not offer group or bulk discounts on licenses at this time.

Where is C12 On-Demand Available?

Presently, C12 On-Demand is exclusively available for viewing within the United States. Note: C12 On-Demand may not work as intended when accessed from outside of the United States.

How do I get access to C12 On-Demand if I attended CURRENT’21?

CURRENT’21 On-Demand was included in the price of the ticket for attendees. Access is available to you using the email address associated with your CURRENT’21 Ticket. If you no longer have access to your email or have another issue, please send us an email at and we will confirm your attendance and provide access.

What is the Refund Policy for C12 On-Demand?

A full refund of any C12 On-Demand license is available for one week (7-Days) from the original date of purchase. No refunds will be available after that time period. Please contact our Support Team by email at if you wish to receive a refund.