Join other CEOs and business leaders in Eastern Washington who are building great businesses for a greater purpose.

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It can be lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know leaders limit their potential when they lead from isolation. But, when surrounded by trusted advisors with a common goal and a biblical worldview, they can maximize performance and energize cultures. With faith as the foundation, this powerful group of peers meet in an exclusive, confidential forums in the the Inland Northwest area to have their questions answered and their answers questioned.


Business Forum Leaders in the Eastern Washington Area


Tom Walther’s personal mission is to be “Abiding in Christ, bearing much fruit; changing lives for eternity.” As a former…

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Tom Walther’s personal mission is to be “Abiding in Christ, bearing much fruit; changing lives for eternity.” As a former C12 member, and then Chair for the new Madison, WI group, he is now bringing C12 to the Eastern WA area as the Principal Chair. He enjoys pouring his positive outlook into others, coaching and building business owners to reach new heights, advancing the Kingdom of God through their companies and lives of those Christ calls to run businesses for Him. Beginning at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign in pre-med, he left for the world of business. Starting in retail, he moved into distribution, where at the age of 30 he became President of a $20 Million distribution business. After 18 years in that organization, God led him to Wisconsin where he became President and CEO of an engineering company focused on process automation in the food production industry. Tom was the driving force behind converting the company to a 100% employee-owned ESOP. After 21 years, he hired his successor and retired. In 2004, Tom was called to The Gideons International while having devotions in a Chicago hotel room while on a business trip. He has held many leadership positions at both the local and state levels and is a former State President for Wisconsin/Upper Michigan. Tom has been married to his high school sweetheart, Bev, for over 44 years. They currently reside in Kennewick, WA, have two married children and nine fantastic grandchildren! Tom has served as an Adult Bible teacher for 17 years and was instrumental in developing their past church’s financial processes while serving on the Audit Committee. He loves to continuously improve and learn, especially in technology. He enjoys reading history, sports, and being outdoors with family and friends.

“When I found C12, I knew that I was among leaders who would join me in a commitment to demonstrate that we are indeed managing God’s businesses for Him. Our fight for excellence unites us in ways that transcend the diversity of industries we represent. We apply the ideas differently in each company, but as C12 members, we are united in principles of excellence.”

Cassandra Laymon | President, Beacon Wealth Consultants

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