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Attracting, Equipping, and Retaining Millennials

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Many leaders wonder how they will confidently invest in and equip the next generation of leaders. Learn from the bestselling author of Millennials Matter the ways in which to change your leadership to get the best out of your team and deliver what they really need for success.


Danita Bye

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Danita Bye

Danita Bye

Danita Bye, M.A. is a leadership and sales development expert. She is the founder of Sales Growth Specialists and has gained valuable leadership experience as a sales leader for Xerox Corporation and in private equity ownership. She also serves on the Forbes Coaches Council, North Dakota Economic Development Foundation, and North Dakota Petroleum Council. She has also served on the boards of private Christian universities as well as being a Harvard MBD Sales Coach. With her headquarters in North Dakota, Danita operates digitally on a global scale. Her book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Next-Gen Leaders, is quickly gaining recognition as one of the best books written about developing Millennial Leaders.