COVID Guidance for Christian Executives: March 26, 2020

Each day presents new and unexpected challenges. We know the winds of uncertainty will not simply blow over returning us to business as usual. “Usual” is a historical descriptor. How do we respond? 

The cultural landscape for gospel-centered Christianity has been in decline for years, but the disruption of COVID-19 presents Christian leaders with unprecedented opportunities to display faithful and courageous leadership that positions our companies for long-term and lasting success. Unforeseen constraints are forcing rapid innovation across multiple industries. We are witnessing companies pivot and adjust to create opportunities in the midst of crisis. The stories of how the Christian business community is responding to COVID-19 disruptions are encouraging, even in the midst of rapidly declining revenues and dried up supply chains. 

There is a growing sense of tribal solidarity in the face of an invisible enemy.

Watch the latest update from C12 CEO Mike Sharrow for five ways that organizations in the C12 network are coming together to collaborate on strategic business plans while leveraging their resources to innovatively and compassionately serve their teams, customers, and communities.


Resources & Guidance for COVID-19

Resources to Act:


Government Resources:


Insight & Analysis:


Perspective Pieces:


When we reach the other side of COVID-19, the world will look different. What are you doing today that will leave a positive imprint on the altered landscape to come? There is no playbook or cookie-cutter plan. With whom can you cycle through ideas and confidently lead into the unknown? Consider building your inner circle with your peers in a local C12 Group: C12 Locations



March 25, 2020