COVID Guidance for Christian Executives: April 23, 2020

Now is the time to build. 

The stakes are high. Unemployment drives mortality rates and disease. For every COVID-19 casualty as a nation, we are losing 550+ jobs and spending $30M. We are buying lives today with lives tomorrow each day that we continue to restrict business operations. These side effects follow the shared inflection point that changed the way we were doing business and delivering results. Looking ahead, there will be a tipping point when federal officials and the US Department of Treasury will be less energized to solve and fund relief. 

We have a tremendous responsibility as we make rapid decisions. What we do and how we lead today—with adaptations and innovations—will facilitate recovery and enduring economies for the months and years to come. We must build the right solutions, companies, communities, and environments to flourish in the post-recovery world. 

The same factors that are creating challenges are also creating unparalleled opportunities for an abundant future. Companies that are weathering the environmental changes and thriving right now are those that are finding a surge of clarity as they return to their purpose. 

Watch the video below to hear C12 Group CEO Mike Sharrow illustrate three growth strategies—including the “Tulip Tunnel of Uncertainty”—for you to evaluate your trajectory and strategize your post-shutdown plans.

Video chapters available to help you navigate to each COVID-19 diagram.


Resources & Guidance for COVID-19


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Knowledge is limited right now. By strategically surrounding ourselves with peers who bring unique pieces of the puzzle, we can build smart, faith-driven businesses together. 

Experience the rigor of a fully-integrated peer group.

April 23, 2020