COVID Guidance for Christian Executives: April 9, 2020

Who will we be when “this is done”?

It’s been three months since the first case of COVID-19 was recorded in the US. Likely, many of you have felt the mounting exhaustion as you’ve been crunching to save cash or struggling to stabilize turbulence. But the “time-is-short, can’t-afford-to-wait” high-stakes urgency many of us are experiencing also can yield a byproduct of improved business health and performance. 

The marketplace will enter Q3 with a desperate need for leadership, innovation, smart decision-making, and job creation. Leaders of our past—during the Great Depression and World War II—shaped the brands, technology, and mindsets we enjoy today. How will leaders of 2020—you—shape our future during this defining moment in history? 

You’re likely familiar with the verse in Romans often recited in times of confusion and grief: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good.” What if COVID-19 is an anvil upon which God is forging a new generation of leaders, businesses, and models to bring gospel transformation? 

Best practices being forged in crucibles of necessity now can become the strategic footholds for us to advance into the new day emerging. We have the opportunity to look back on this era proud of how we persevered through the adversity, not in our own strength but leaning on the Lord’s and on the power of peers. 

This week, Mike Sharrow, CEO of The C12 Group, shares inspiring stories of leaders harnessing the same entrepreneurial spirit of risktaking and innovation that fuels business success to birth incredible and compassionate gospel wins.


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The greatest challenge of our day is not surviving a virus or even restoring economies. We have a greater calling and battle that is not quarantined. 

Let’s forge something better, together.

April 9, 2020