C12 Chair since 2015

Friends called them Ken and Barbie with kids. From the outside looking in it was true. Dewey and Jeannie were blessed with five beautiful children, a promising health care career, and, from all indications, were firmly grounded in the church. Looks can be deceiving. A sincere, strong commitment to the church, with a non-existent personal relationship with the Living God, is a formula for disaster, an invisible ticking time bomb. Dewey, enjoying worldly success, was blindly adrift in man’s sinful nature. His world would collapse. He, and those nearest to him, suffered greatly. But God is present. He is not the enfeebled grandfather that we envisioned. No, God is miraculous. What no man nor woman could have done, God did. He intervened and radically rescued Dewey and Jeannie; and, one day at a time, He continues to plant their feet on solid ground. Dewey was born and reared in Macon, Georgia. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Masters in Health Administration from Duke University. Dewey and Jeannie are the proud parents of five adult children, an adopted son whom God has entrusted to their care, and twenty beautiful grandchildren. They live in Nashville, Tennessee. Dewey’s heart for God is reflected in his personal mission statement: Every day, purpose to hear and follow God’s call that Christ Jesus be honored in my innermost thoughts and manifested in my love for others (John 15:9-13). His hope and prayer is that God will powerfully use him as a vessel in C12’s ministry. Dewey is also the author of Painful Gifts; a simple but profound story that reveals the presence of the Living God.