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Aligning Your Team for Your Kingdom Mission

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An overview of a practical model for your company to perform Kingdom work that also allows you to stay focused on performance. To align your team to your vision, you’ll learn steps you can take to live out the call to build a successful business model that creates opportunity for ministry.


David Collum

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David Collum

David Collum

David has a passion to see people meet Jesus and get to know God. Why? Here is his answer. “For years I was one of those guys who tried to follow all the rules, do everything right, and I even had some success. In the end, my focus on ‘being right’ led me to behave as if ‘I was always right’. I was no fun to be around. God in his mercy let things fall apart, and then met me in my brokenness.” Today, David J. Collum is the Chief Executive Officer of The Pocket Testament League, a 125-year Christian ministry that, as of 2017, has shared the Gospel with over 135 million people. David worked in Corporate America with his last position leading the organization that cared for the nuclear power plants of our nations fleet of nuclear submarines. Following corporate life, David was a full-time Pastor for 12 years.