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Planning an Eternal Legacy While Still Leading a Company

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For owners considering a leadership transition through family or key player succession, outside sale, or ESOP, you need to understand all options for what is likely the largest transaction in your life. As a steward of your business, including the culture and values you’ve created, learn how to ensure these non-negotiables are modeled well beyond your exit.


Jeff Rogers

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Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers

Jeff is a ForbesBooks featured Author of the soon-to-be-released book: Create a Thriving Family Legacy: How to Share your Wisdom and Wealth with Your Children and Grandchildren. He is an active Member of C12 & Founder/Chairman of Stewardship Legacy Coaching. The 2013 recipient of the Larry Burkett Award from Kingdom Advisors, Jeff has over 35 years experience in Business Continuity and Succession Planning as well as Zero Estate Tax Planning and Multi-Generational Family Legacy Coaching. Jeff is nationally recognized for his expertise in Strategic and Tactical Tax Planning, Charitable Planning, Biblically Responsible Investing and Asset Protection. Jeff assists business owners in creating “Kingdom Capital” by redirecting tax dollars to their favorite Ministries.