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Transitioning from Practitioner to Company Leader

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The potential to scale your business successfully hinges on the degree of alignment and delegation within your company. Empowerment and simplification can be strategic for growth and longevity. Learn powerful and proven concepts to better align your organization, allowing you to focus on working on the business instead of in it.


Dr. Pete Camiolo

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Dr. Pete Camiolo

Dr. Pete Camiolo

Dr. Peter Camiolo, DC, is founder and CEO of ChiroCEO, a company established to help physicians become the CEO of their business, transforming the traditional practice into a business that is scalable, sustainable, and flourishing. Prior to ChiroCEO, Dr. Pete founded and worked for more than a decade as a chiropractor in private practice. In his practice and through his journey he developed the systems and procedures needed for his business to scale and flourish which, in turn, allowed him the personal freedom and time to invest in himself, his family, and his personal goals. Dr. Pete is passionate about helping doctors elevate and soar to new levels of freedom and fulfillment in business and life through the application of the methods and tools he teaches. His goal is to help doctors to live in alignment as they work from rest, prosper in business, and enjoy their lives.